According to The Sun, Pony, a Bornean Orangutan (an endangered species) was used as a prostitute to serve the working men who wanted to savor the disturbing experience of laying with an Orangutan, so they will rape her while she was chained up so she couldn’t resist.

Reports claim this happened while Pony was chained to a bed, usually on a dirty mattress while her body is covered in sores due to being shaved almost daily.

Pony was reportedly stolen from her mother as a baby and she was soon taught how to perform sexual acts. Due to being an endangered species, breeds like Pony could cost around £10,000 on the black market. While Pony was rescued in 2003, nobody knows how long she served the brothel as a prostitute.

Leading the quest which required 30 army officers to rescue Pony, Former teacher Michelle Desilets who started looking after orphaned orangutans in Borneo in 1994 and was director of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation UK when Pony was rescued.

She told The Sun Online: “It was horrifying. She was a sex slave — it was grotesque. She was covered in abscesses, and they put makeup and earrings on her.

“She must have been in so much pain. It was horrible to think about how terrified she must have been. My friend Lone [Droscher-Nielson], who rescued Pony, had to bring in 30 army officers when she was seized.

“Afterwards, the madam visited Pony on a monthly arrangement to reduce the risk of retribution. But every time Pony saw her she would scream and defecate again and again. We were forced to increase security and put a stop to the visits.”

Danish conservationist Lone Droscher-Nielsen was part of the team who rescued Pony in 2003 says, “When I found that she was used for prostitution and not just a pet I was horrified.

“Perhaps in my naivety I had never thought it humanly possible to do such a thing to an animal.”

The Sun reports that experts think she’d been taken from her mother around six years old.


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