My name is Queen Victoria Ibeabuchi Most Elegant Girl in Nigeria planet 15/16 Face of culture Africa 17/18 Its been a long while coming in sharing my experience Been a beauty Queen for me didn’t start because of beauty or any other thing it came as a challenge to do something positive and daring from the usual From the story i was told While my mum was giving birth to me my right hand was broken at the hospital and my parents weren’t aware In the process of doing the hand it got bad and worst and took the shape it has today Growing up i got to hear names like One hand, bend hand, handicapped, disabled. Those words got the better part of me each time, each passing day. I began to act different, stayed on my own, no friends because i believed everyone would do the same It also gave me a wrong impression about guys The first guy who asked me out had a group of friends Who called me handicapped girlfriend even before i said yes(i was still in secondary school) I became depressed starting from a young age jss1 I became emotionally destabilized I got this staring look from kids around my area who called me names, even in school, teachers do the same I lost my self esteem and confidence at a tender age I began thinking of suicidal thoughts at a young age Tried several attempts but got saved at different point While i was in university I got been called witch In fact just last week i was called a witch because i gave the driver money with my left hand One of the reasons i entered into pageantry Someone walked upto me one day and said you are very beautiful I doubted, went to the mirror and started admiring myself There was this confidence that came over me And more i saw people who had similar and worst disabilities than mine I needed platform to help out I spoke to different people and i was asked not to go that id never win because of my hand Ooh i pushed harder from the support from family and some friends i made i got 2nd runner up in the first pageant i went for I didn’t stop i kept pushing Until same hand took me to South Africa for a music show “Star the winner is” (some might be aware) Which was aired on DSTV I didn’t stop, i began daring myself and bringing out the gifts and potentials i have in me Today Am a singer, a music writer, a book writer, i have a registered ushering company, my foundation and more … One of the major ways i pulled through was going to God and surrendering my life to him Because of the issues i faced I looked for love which made me live a life i regret today But thankful to God for calling me back to order At different point in time At 4 different occasions have attempted suicide due to depression But am grateful to God that i accepted myself and the way i was created Most times people wonder How i bath, cook, wash, eat, write, Well i do all those things myself After i disciplined myself not to be pitied by anybody not even my Family Even up till now, most times its not easy, its difficult but i keep pushing on So, you might be here, facing through one challenge or the other, it might not be disability, it might be something else Keep fighting until there is a breakthrough Keep pushing until you get there Never stop, don’t ever stop believing in your abilities Every disadvantage is always an advantage to you


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