Miss Africa Calabar is one of the beauty pageants that were established in recent times. Before now, women were neglected and relegated; however, the practice is gradually being reversed globally, the event registration ends 30th of September 2018 while the grand finale will hold on 27th of December for the 2018/2019 winner.

Contest, like Miss Africa beauty pageants, are among the activities designed to empower young woman and give them a voice through beauty competition. Winner of the Miss Africa beauty pageant is greatly awarded and accorded respect and recognition.

The winner is also expected to embark on a project that will continue to project her name all the time. Such project includes establishing a non-governmental organisation that will encourage and empower women to come out and participate in contests and leadership positions or establishing a charity organisation.


MISSION: To empower African women and promote their diverse culture through competitions anchored in Miss Africa beauty pageant. 

Calabar Nigeria
27/12/2018 12:00 AM 


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