Benjamin Rex Connor Dwight by name, Never in my life have I given doubt a breathing space. , last child of a family of seven, the love for entertainment has always hunted me like a pricking conscience, fashion and modeling to be precise, so I have always waited patiently for the advent and genesis of my modeling career. I knew when I was much younger, I schemes it’s not gonna come true, but I never for a second made doubt my plan “B” cause the illusion of my career kept pressing me forward.

My modeling career started three years ago, back then I was much younger, it made me less chosen for auditions and runway events.

Am a passion driven type, always believing in my dreams, my lifestyle is guided by this principle “chase your dreams and fame will come running after you”, Ion run my career based on money, but based of the stunning and remarkable memories it leaves me with..

After two years of modeling with my first agency, my boss sent me parking, I thought he did not mean well for me,


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