I am Dumadi charity dornu, a native of
Bodo city in Gokana LGA , Ogoni, Rivers state, Nigeria. A 22years old model, fashion designer, beauty Queen , radio presenter, counsellor, writer, public speaker, and a certified designated first aid holder and lots more, A lover of God,people,heights and the environment.

A quick trivia about me I prefer to be called my native name dumadi which means ‘let there be life’ because it was my mums inspiration for keeping me amidst the pain she went through to bare me saying let there be life for if there is life there is hope.

My name keeps me motivated to keep keeping on.
After my high school I was confused about life with lots of questions I lacked words to express The one of what is life was so hard a puzzle to solve. I was on the verge of gaining my admission into university of portharcourt when I pulled back because the thought of going to the university without discovering myself first and knowing what I wanted exactly made me even more confused…… I saw lots of graduates around jobless and most of them suffering while I heard of some school drop outs making waves and employing the first class graduates, I began wondering what then is the secret of dangote and bill gates. I was curious to know the truth.

My mum of blessed memory was upset I refused the admission opportunity , turning it down for a job at a hotel as a receptionist at the age of 15. I was paid #11,000 as at 2012. I opened my first savings accounts.

I started modeling in 2015 by doing testings with upcoming photographers.
The journey so far
2010….miss red Cross port Harcourt division
2017…..first miss Bodo city
2018…..miss port Harcourt city youth ambassador

In search to answer the question what is life? I have read books,attended seminars , listened to messages on success and life in general and without realising early had built and developed myself from a timid, shy and confused little girl to a complete different ,bold , intelligent, smart working , result producing , problem solving,enthusiastic, and humble compassionate lady. CEO and creative director Dumadi House of Gowns. Current miss Bodo city Queen and miss port Harcourt city youth ambassador. Who has discovered purpose and is walking in it to impact lives and believes every one has a good purpose and also has all it takes to fulfil them and goes the extra mile to help them discover and walk In that purpose. I believe in you and I support your good dreams.

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