Modelling is a career but you need to build it in other to enjoy the benefit. Modelling is not a platform to showcase indecency or ego rather is a platform for you to be found, For you to express and discover your hiding God given talent.

For me I never had the dream of modelling. Someone found me and push me into it doe I have always love entertainment from childhood.

I Started as a singer in my church , then stage play (drama) then dancing and finally modelling. It wasn’t easy going into such career without dad’s back up or family member as a sponsor. It was challenging at first,but first I decided to join modelling because I saw a need for it.

I envision what I want to do with it.I wanted a platform to work with. I wanted a platform to be discover, reach out to the society and establish myself. trying so hard with my 5.6 height.

The type of modelling I love so much was runway, editorial but I settle for pageantry and Facial because of my characterise. Starting out. I was introduced


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