modeling  is a business, modeling is work that’s why there is a Modeling industry,

Every average job seeker in the labourmarket knows you have to look a certain way,meet a certain criteria, follow instructions and apply in a certain way to get a job,but no , passionate models just casually slide into an agency’s or scouts DM with a hello or hello dear,then wait for them to reply,probably in 2040(if we still have Instagram then) or write an epistle to them of how you are very very very passionate about modeling and would like to work with them,without applying the right way,and wait for them to reply with “we’ve been looking for very very very passionate models like you,thank heavens you sent us a message ,here is your 2 years modeling contract. Summary of the above play..

BE PROFESSIONAL, you wonder why some models work and don’t get paid or don’t get paid enough,they don’t take modeling as a profession, hence no seriousness,so of course its easy to be exploited.

There is a way models all over the world send in applications to an agency, you start with your name,age,then measurements(height,bust/chest,waist,hips),hair colour, eye colour, dress size,shoe size,and your contact,then attach your polaroids go to to see how your polaroids should look like,attach your headshot,profile shot and full length polaroids. Don’t send photos of yourself wearing sunglasses,with a beach hat,and a drink in your hand,smiling,its not cute,don’t send photos with filters(leave Snapchat alone),don’t send selfies ,don’t send photos with heavily made up faces(girls).
If something as simple and easy as sending in your applications properly, you can’t do,is it the job you’ll be able to deliver professionally?
Don’t use passion to cover doing the right thing,the right way.

many modeling contracts and paid jobs,but very very very professional applications equal to very very very signed models and working models.


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