This is a very wonderful awareness for our Mothers and some tribal traditions, this is 21st century, let old things be old things. And let the girls enjoy the freedom of womanhood.

The practice of the female genital mutilation in Africa is an all-round traumatic rollercoaster which has succeeded in dampening the self-esteem of young girls.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has seriously not done any form of good in the African society & that’s why it is baffling to comprehend the reason why it is hard for people to we it for the evil that it is.
With filthy hands and unsterilized tools why will anyone subject their child to this inappropriate procedure?

This is utterly preposterous, detrimental & dangerous to the health of the young girls subjected to this I’ll practice.
As a result of the cuts&struggles, the female victims lose a lot of blood from the traditional treatment. Hemorrhage is a constant & most common side effect of FGM.

Say no to female mutilation
Save a girl child
Secure the nation
I say no to Genital Mutilation


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