All Our Beauty Queens And Beauty Queens In Training.


• Learn,learn and keep practicing,if you are participating in a pageant,you will need to train,learn your strut,pose,stance,twirls and turns and most importantly your million dollar smile that you have to hold for a long time(practice in front of the mirror).
Take a few modeling classes,check all the recent winners and strong contenders of major pageants,they are signed models,professional models in agencies that have been trained. We are not asking you to go join and agency,if you want you can though (it won’t hurt) but the underlying principle is to get trained,sign up for catwalk lessons,enrol in a modeling academy,and keep practicing even after classes.
We recommend to start training 3-4 months before the first audition.

• Research.. Do an adequate and thorough research on the pageant you want to take part in,find out there core beliefs,check there history,their mandate and what they look for in contestants,watch videos,read.
Study all the past winners, what made the difference between them and the rest contestants,so you know what you need to do,to stand out.

• Be passionate about something, pageants are always beyond beauty,they are about empowering individuals and making the society better,so to be a beauty queen you have to be passionate about relevant topics affecting your society (local) and the world at large (international).
During pageant auditions,this is what separates the contestants selected from the one’s that don’t get selected.

• Learn to speak from the heart,if you’re participating in an International pageant,judges know when you’re saying big things just to impress them,even the audience can tell,that’s why you should be passionate about whatever you’ll be speaking on,or what the pageant is about(get to know it,love it,let your heart be in it) believe in what you’re saying to them.

• Learn how to do your own makeup as a beauty Queen in waiting,during camp you are required to do your own makeup to look your best.


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