So you want to get placed in an agency, you are in such a hurry, you don’t make inquiries about the agency ,or you know all about this agency,that have 99 models working all over the globe and 20 of their models walked for the GTB Fashion Weekend last year.

You don’t bother to calculate if they are the best to represent you or the best for your career.
When you know the kind of modeling you are best suited for or are interested in.

• Take time and search for available agencies that represent that type of models.

• List them out,then research on them through their Facebook, Instagram and website.

• Check what they offer existing models working with them,and based on your location and aspirations choose the ones suitable for you and your goals.

Not every agency no matter how big and famous is best for your career aspirations, some agencies have models,that don’t get booked at all!! ( This can be the fault of the model or the agency or both). Which brings us to our topic
Thinking Of Moving To A New Agency

So when looking to join an agency,the most popular might not be the what’s best for you at the time,you can choose a good,smaller or younger agency to join first,where you can be giving full attention to develop and know your strengths(sign a one year contract). After your contracts expiration and you are confident that the agency can & is representing you well,you can stay with them,but if not(once the contract expires) MOVE!!!
This is also to models signed with bigger agencies,if your agency is not doing there best in representing you and booking you jobs,please move(once the modeling contract expires),you are not a tree.

Don’t stay with them and waste time,look for another agency that will help you achieve your career goals.

Many models have profited from moving to a new agency,so if need be,move.


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