TEENS POWER is a program aimed at lecturing and educating the teens about the challenges of teenage life, it’s a Popular saying that discovering a problem Is one step to solving it, so we lectured them about teenage life challenges, consequences of falling prey to them and how best to stay out of with…

Our vision is to reduce the rate at which teenagers fall prey to teenage life vices..
We had experienced speakers who spoke to the teenagers about normal teenage life challenges and the right attitude towards these challenges… Like the Teens coach who is also SA to Abia State Government on teens matters, Aunty Chi Chi, also Sir Steve Nwazuo a good speaker talked to the boys, Sir Ugomdi Ogbonna s fashion designer encouraged them to discover their God given talent now instead of letting devil lure them into bad things.. It was an amazing time as we gave the teenagers the opportunity to share their experiences, and we got lots of complains from the boys about how difficult it is for them to handle teenage life pressure and body changes.

This is how she got about this project;

It all started last Christmas when I went home for Xmas break, I found out that so many of my junior students whem I was in secondary school are pregnant, some have babies and just very few were traditionally married, I heard of some group of boys who instructed that no one should wear a touch of red clothe on Thursday… Like, it was obvious the young ones are going crazy, after few interviews with the ones who ain’t part of all this yet, I found out they all have same mentality, they think as teenage life comes with hyper secretion of hormones which triggers so many activities in them, that they should respond to it that way… Not knowing that how they response to this hormones secretions now will affect the future…

Then I tried talking to few of them about how best to deal with attraction with the opposite sex, anger, menstruation and lots more… Seeing that I won’t be able to reach to much people that way, I decided to carry out a project in schools and talk to teens about these teenage life challenges and the right attitude towards them.
Coz if they don’t get to know how to handle it now, they will be nuisance tomorrow

See photos;


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